2017 New Year Address: One World, One BISTU

By Wed, 28 Dec 2016 GMT

The very first morning of 2017 illuminates the road ahead of us. With vision, hope and expectation, BISTU embarks on a new journey. On behalf of the University, we hereby extend our best wishes and most sincere season¡¯s greetings to young and vigorous students, devoted and diligent faculties and staff, alumni home and abroad who connect with us and who serve the society wholeheartedly, and to all friends who care and support the development of BISTU!  

The year 2016 is an opening of BISTU¡¯s 13th Five-Year Plan and it has been a fruitful one. Centered on new national governance strategy of central government and coping with new trend of higher educational development, the University, with support and wisdom of all faculties and staff, clarifies a development guideline focusing on construction of campuses, educational system, learning environment, better administration, and richer campus culture. The University has laid out overall planning of the 13th Five-Year Plan, strengthened clean governance of University Council, put forth effort to reform and innovation, enhanced quality construction, and brought forward new progress and breakthrough in various fields.  

Scientific, overall planning. It is a year in which the University has seized the momentum, focused on development, pinpointed orientation, published the 13th Five-Year Plan, and further specified positioning, goal, and mission of running the University. Based in Beijing, serving the whole nation, and pursuing coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei provinces, the University has confirmed a development objective of building a high-level university with distinctive features in information industry and outlined a blueprint for reform and development of the University in next five years.  

Facing with problems and pivoting emphases. It is a year in which project of the new campus has been approved with key breakthrough having been achieved. The University Council has clearly defined that campuses shall be solemn and elegant, smart and lovable, and artistic and cultural. A new regime has been set to win coordinated supports to promote construction of the new campus. Project of the new campus has been put in green passage.  

Making up deficiencies with dual propellers. It is a year in which the University has promoted reform of human resources system, organized meeting on human resources, and made strategic development for human resources. Led by discipline construction, the University has published a series of policies on reform of human resources system. Holding on to high-end-led principle and the practice of coordination of in-and-out bound flow, the University has raised the standard of funding, expanded the room for promotion, and built a passage for ¡°introduction¡± and ¡°cultivation¡± of high-level talents. Reform of human resources system is now offering solid support for deepening comprehensive reform and realizing greater development.  

Leveling up while conquering difficulties. It is a year in which research at the University has achieved new breakthroughs and research competence is steadily progressing: over 150 million RMB Yuan annual funding; project funding exceeding 100 million for the first time in history; debut of the project with local research scientific research foundation with an amount of 25.47 million Yuan; winning  specialized project in instrument and equipment development --- a 5 million Yuan contract of national key research and development plan; winning funding of 26 projects by National Natural Sciences Foundation; MOE innovative team ¡°Opto-electronic information and instrument" being evaluated as Excellence and winning successive support from MOE; Prof. Xu Xiaoli and Prof. Zhu Lianqing being listed among "national science and technology faculties of excellence" and thus becoming outstanding representatives of those who work in the field of science and technology. 

Nurturing students with fine qualities. It is a year in which BISTU was listed in the first cohort of model universities of Beijing who deepen reform in education of innovation and entrepreneurship. One more BISTU faculty won the title of Beijing Teacher of Preeminence. The 2016 undergraduate syllabi have been completed with scientific planning. Program accreditation has been done with mechanical design & manufacturing and automation. Service Center for Teaching and Students¡¯ Registration Center have been open to all students. Employment rate of graduating students remain 98%, ranking top 3 in 5 successive years among universities supervised by Beijing Municipality. Water Robot Football team won the silver medal in the 20th World Robocup. A number of student entrepreneurial teams have been accommodated in newly established innovation space for robot engineering. The year has witnessed further progress of education at BISTU.  

Embracing and learning from all. It is a year in which educational internationalization has been further pushed forward: the University for the first time sent students to high level overseas, such as the University of Cambridge and University of California Irvine, universities for exchange and cooperation programs; the number of students participating in international exchange kept growing; the University employed 36 foreign experts and was approved 7 projects by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and Beijing Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs; and the University saw steady increase in the number of international students.  

Convergence of emotions and strengths. It is a year in which Party building and ideological work have made remarkable achievements: the University firmly implemented ¡°Studies on the Theoretical and Practical Issues of Party Building¡± and comprehensively strengthened Party discipline in every Party branch and with every Party member; feedbacks of on-site inspections were treated seriously and the inspections were carried out in great depth of a wide range; the University held grand commemoration of the 95th anniversary of CPC and the 80th anniversary of the Long March, highlighted the themes of the times, and enhanced rally power; and the first Team of Diligence and Honor selection successfully completed.  

Fear not the strong pass iron-clad on all sides! The summit's now surmounted with big strides. In the coming 2017, with leadership of Beijing Municipality, the University will continue to converge wisdom and strengths of all faculties and staff, learn and implement guidelines as instructed by the Sixth Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee and National Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Higher Educational Institutions, promote quality development with perseverance, firmly push forward comprehensive reform, and unswervingly build culture of preeminence. The University will also promote development by leaps and bounds so as to better serve construction of Beijing as four centers --- political center, cultural center, international communication center, and center of science and technology innovation--- and coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.  

We hereby sincerely hope that alumni home and abroad and friends of all social circles care and support BISTU. Your guidance, advice, and support is welcome and appreciated. 

We extend our best regards to your family and your heath and wish you all the best!