BISTU New Year Party Successfully Complete

By Wed, 28 Dec 2016 GMT

Xiaoying Campus of BISTU welcomes the whole university to grand opening of 2017 New Year Party on the evening of 27th December. The Party, live cast via internet, is attended by Wang Chuanliang, Chairman of University Council, and over 300 faculties and students of the University.  

On behalf of BISTU, Wang Chuanliang begins his address with high respects to all faculties and staff and most sincere regards to all students! He reviews the substantial breakthroughs that BISTU has made in various fields in the past year. ¡°The year 2016 is leaving us. Such a remarkable year is meant to impress all of us for ever. It will also be remembered and recorded in the history of BISTU.¡± Love leads to responsibility and thus everyone is daring to shoulder responsibility. Said Wang Chuanliang. And he hopes that with effort and expectations, all BISTU faculties and students will work closely together to realize leap-and-bound development of the University and to make BISTU the best one among its peers. BISTU shall be a vanguard of construction of Beijing as four centers --- political center, cultural center, international communication center, and center of science and technology innovation--- as well as a beautiful home which is worth of the effort of all faculty, staff, and students.  

The party is hosted by Vice President Wang Xiuyan, who introduces vice presidents and distinguished guests and then announces beginning of the party.  

The Flame, a Paso Doble, introduces all spectators to a new world of the party. Smooth dance moves and grand performance offers a warmhearted and glowing visual enjoyment. Then it is followed by pictures turning up on the big screen with beautiful music, which is aimed at showing a review of big events all through 2016 and the unforgettable moments in the past year.   

The whole party is organized in three chapters: past, present, and future. Past ---the first chapter--- brings a memory of the past and focuses on eternity. Dance program Loving China express best wishes to all Chinese people and the whole nation. Piano performance presents one of the most enjoyable pieces of music works. And the choir ¡°Little Organ Fugue¡± wins hearted applauses with their beautiful voice and wonderful rhythm. Martial arts performance not only shows a reserved eastern culture but also offers a glimpse of profound Chinese martial arts.  

The second chapter is regarding the present, i.e., what matters most is the present. The various programs, such as fashion show, street dance, choir ¡°Payphone¡±, ballroom dance, etc., are very impressive. Spectators are brought into a sad, romantic love story that goes beyond time and space by the ballroom dance ¡°Terracotta Warrior (Qin Warrior)¡±.  

And hope and expectations are shown in the third chapter: future. On the big screen there are videos of students and faculties who tell their wishes and expectations. Some wish an even brighter tomorrow for BISTU. Some have new dreams with their innovation or entrepreneurial choices. In the coming new year, it is hoped that all BISTU faculties, staff, and students work together to build a better future.  

Time goes by, yet memory remains. There would be unknown hardships in the future. However, we still look forward to meeting everything there. At the end of the party, all performers and senior leadership of the university take a group photo. We extend the best New Year¡¯s wishes to each other and to BISTU--- the home of us all.