Wang Yongsheng Visit GUET

By Tue, 13 Dec 2016 GMT

Beijing, 12th December, 2016 (BISTU)--- The friendship and collaboration between BISTU and Guilin University of Electronic Technology (GUET) is further enhanced during BISTU delegation visit led by President Wang Yongsheng on 8th December. The two institutions exchange ideas and experiences in education, academic discipline building, construction of clean administration, and new campus construction. Vice President Feng Xiaochun and some deans and directors accompany the visit.  



Huajiang Campus is the first stop of BISTU delegation. It is the main campus of GUET, starting construction in 2006 and having completed 4 stages of building by 2014. The Campus covers an area of around 300 hectares with an additional 120 hectares planned area of future construction. Huajiang River flows around the whole campus which sits quietly in front of Yaoshan mountain.  



The delegation meet and talk with GUET Chairman Zhou Huaiying, President Gu Tianlong, Vice President Chen Guiying, and directors and deans of GUET divisions. Gu Tianlong extends warm welcome to BISTU delegation and says that the friendship between BISTU and GUET could be traced back to when the two institutions both were under supervision of former Ministry of Electronic Industry. He then offers a detailed introduction to education, academic discipline building, team building, as well as how to maintain industrial features in education. And Chen Guiying explains construction of clean administration at GUET in respect of publicity and education, regime construction, supervision and inspection, and accountability.   



Wang Yongsheng speaks highly of the achievements that GUET has made in industrial areas and construction of clean administration. He says that GUET and BISTU are sisters and sisters shall keep close contact.  It is invaluable experience for BISTU to review and learn from GUET. It is expected that the two institutions enhance communication and exchange in the area of education and administration for the purpose of mutual development. Says Wang Yongsheng. The two institutions also explores issues like education of entrepreneurship and innovation, construction of subjects and majors, quality construction, and teaching reform.  





Accompanied by GUET Vice President Hu Zemin, Wang Yongsheng and the delegation members observe state-level experiment and teaching center of GUET, innovation college, college of material sciences and engineering, education center for collaborative innovation, library, etc. And the delegation members are also informed of specific measures taken by GUET in teaching and education reform, enhancing students practical learning and hands-on ability, and innovation.