Vice President Xu Baojie Meet with Chienkuo Technology University Robot Team

By Thu, 10 Nov 2016 GMT

Beijing, 9th November, 2016 (BISTU)--- Chienkuo Technology University is awarded Organizer of Excellence for North China Five Provinces Robot Contest when Vice President Xu Baojie meets with CTU robot team.   

On behalf of BISTU, Xu Baojie extends warmest welcome to CTU team. He says that BISTU hosts North China Five Provinces Robot Contest to encourage students in learning and playing their potentials and nurturing their innovative spirit and team spirit. That CTU team has covered a very long distance to attend the test does not only enrich the contest but also promote cultural and educational exchange between two sides of the strait. Without any language obstacles, students of the two sides enjoy their surroundings and could learn from each other. Says Xu Baojie. He also introduces the situation of entrepreneur and innovation education at BISTU and extends best wishes to CTU team for their games.   

Prof. Mao-Lin Chen, Director of Office of Continuing and Extension Education at CTU and team leader of CTU robot team, expresses that habits and customs on both sides of the strait are very much the same, which is a natural advantage for collaboration and resource integration. Prof. Chen briefly introduces CTUs practice in students innovative and entrepreneurial choice and points out that CTU encourages students to broaden their horizons, to exchange and communicate with other institutions, and to improve themselves. It is a good opportunity, with regard to the Contest, for CUT to learn some advanced technology and to enhance research and development of UAV.  


To honor the great contribution of CTU to the Contest, Organizing Committee specially awards CTU Organizer of Excellence of the Contest. And Xu Baojie presents the certificate.  

Prof. Wang Xingfen, Director of Academic Affairs Office introduces relating information on preparation of the Contest as well as Entrepreneurial and Innovative Open Space of Robot Studies at BISTU.  

For five successive years CTU sends teams to BISTU to attend robot games. This year CTU team will show their excellent performance in individual and group sections, humanoid robot sports, and robot innovative design, etc.