The 2016 North China Five Provinces Robot Contest Grandly Open

By Sun, 13 Nov 2016 GMT



Beijing, 12th November, 2016 (BISTU)--- Beijing University Students Gymnasium welcomes grand opening ceremony of the 2016 North China Five Provinces Robot Contest at 9am, 12th November 2106. With the theme Smart Technology, Innovative Future, this Contest encourages students to practice innovative spirit in respect of robot structure, smart control, and communication. Elite students from North China five provinces with their robots are here to contest on technology and innovation as well as to communicate and exchange to boost development of smart manufacturing.   





BISTU Chairman of University Council Wang Chuanliang watches the matches and presents awards to winners. On the opening ceremony, President Wang Yongsheng and Shao Wenjie, Director of Higher Education Division of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, unveil Entrepreneurial and Innovative Open Space of Robot Studies at BISTU. Wang Yongsheng and Kuang Xiaozhen, Director of Service Center for University Graduating Students Employment, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, unveil Entrepreneurial Park of Beijing University Students (Incubation Base at BISTU). The ceremony is hosted by Vice President Xu Baojie.  







On behalf of BISTU, Wang Yongsheng extends warmest welcome to representatives of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, those of different venues, experts and consultants, referees, staff, and teams. He points out that robot technology has remained a frontier as well as new growth of emerging industries. It imposes deep influence upon human life. It is hoped that the teams show their innovative ideas, wisdom, and technology in the games to make new breakthroughs. It is also believed that via games the universities will make further progress in research and application of robot. And robot will be used and known to a greater extent. Says Wang Yongsheng.  



In his address, Prof. Liu Hong of Peking University as well as Chairman of Chinese Association for Artificia extends congratulations to successful opening of the games. In an era of mass innovation and entrepreneurship, he hopes students actively participate in technological innovation of robot studies, foster team spirit, and contribute to development of robot technology. Dean of International Robot College of HIT Robot Group Wang Henian points out that robot is the integration of various advance technology. It is, and will be, important support for development of smart society and smart earth. He hopes that the games would offer a platform to share wisdom, show talents, and propel realization of Made in China 2025.  

On behalf of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Shao Wenjie congratulates on successful opening of the games. Following introduction to the Commissions measures and policies supporting innovation and entrepreneurship of university students, he says that the Commission will continue to support the games and hopes that universities in other provinces make full use of this platform to deepen reform on education of innovation and entrepreneurship. Wang Xiaoji from Taiyuan University of Technology shares his experiences, as a student, of the passion in innovation. Du Yuhong from Tianjin University, on behalf of all referees, vows for being responsible and just in the games.  



The Contest this year attracts over 1800 students and faculties in 566 teams (from 66 universities, including Chien Kuo University of Technology in Taiwan). The Contest has eight sections and 15 sub-sections, with newly-added items like Robot Rally of New Silk Road, Martial Arts Competition, etc. A selection of entrepreneurial projects will be conducted and the winners could be accommodated in Entrepreneurial and Innovative Open Space of Robot Studies at BISTU and the University will produce due support in respect of space, room, funding, and commercialization of achievements.  

The spectacular games, with wonderful, technological layout, attract quite a few spectators. Some students express that they have witnessed progress and perfection of the games and gained the spirit of innovation, the competence of practice, and genuine friendship.  

And the games are widely covered by a number of media, including Beijing TV, Beijing Daily, Beijing Evening Daily, China Youth Daily, Beijing Youth Daily, etc. BISTUs smart wheelchair---based on integration of multi-information sources--- and smart dining table --- based on brainwave control--- win great attention of media.  

The North China Five Provinces Robot Contest is sponsored by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Tianjin Municipal Commission of Education, Hebei Education Department, Shanxi Education Department, and Nei Mongol Education Department and is hosted by BISTU. It is now the 4th session and has been well received by students of the five provinces.