Wang Yongsheng Visit YETDA and Attend Summit

By Wed, 09 Nov 2016 GMT

Beijing, 8th November, 2016 (BISTU)---  BISTU President Wang Yongsheng and his delegation visit Yantai Economic & Technological Development Area (YETDA) and attend ¡°Summit on Innovation of Tyre and Vehicle Outdoor Detection¡± organized and sponsored by Linglong Group.  


Vice Mayor of YETDA Liu Jianmin extends warm welcome to the delegation and accompanies them to visit a number of companies, including Langchao LG, SGM Dongyue, Wanhua Chemical Group, Changyu Group, and Yantai Huasheng International School.  ¡¡¡¡ 


Wang Yongsheng and the delegation visits planning auditorium of YETDA and explores in-depth cooperation between BISTU and YETDA with Liu Jianmin and other department heads of YETDA, including Su Zhi, Fan Jihong, Song Dexin, Yang Kezhi and Ding Hui. The two parties discuss mode of exchange and collaboration. Liu Jianmin introduces history and development of YETDA as well as its planning and strategy of industrial upgrade and innovation. BISTU is welcome to YETDA and work together on mutual benefit basis. Says Liu Jianmin. ¡¡¡¡ 



Wang Yongsheng introduces history, vision, and mission of BISTU and the achievements BISTU has made in respect of electro-mechatronics, information science and technology, and national defense technology. Also he talks about the strengths and vision of academic fields like smart manufacturing and robot, photoelectric detection and system, advanced navigation and sensor, new generation of communication technology and micro-electrons, big data and cloud computing, internet security, knowledge management and cycle economy. He sings high praise of YETDA¡¯s construction of humanity, legality, and ecological system and expresses that YETDA has nurtured pillar industries in the area of mechanical equipment, vehicle and components, electronic information, fine chemical, and bio-medicine. It fully matches BISTU¡¯s features of engineering. Win-win collaboration has been offered solid foundation. Says Wang Yongsheng. Both parties conduct in-depth exchange and communication on international education, establishment of research institute, field practice base, etc.  



Upon innovation, Wang Yongsheng attends the¡°Summit on Innovation of Tyre and Vehicle Outdoor Detection¡± organized and sponsored by Linglong Group on 8th November 2016. As a group company focusing on tyre manufacturing and multi-layer development, Linglong Group has successfully constructed China¡¯s very first outdoor comprehensive tyre testing field. The Summit witnesses discussion on future development, opportunities and challeges of China¡¯s tyre industry and auto industry. Gu Xiulian, Director General of China National Committee for the Wellbeing of the Youth and Vice Chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress is present at the Summit and delivers a keynote speech. Speeches are also delivered by experts and officials from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Society of Automotive Engineers, Auto Engineering Research Institute of Tsinghua University, etc.  

The delegation members are Wang Xingfen, Director of Academic Affairs Office,  Xing Jishou, Director of Office for Scientific Research, Wang Jiuhe, Executive Vice Dean of Postgraduate School, Wang Jifang, Chairman of School of Electromechanical Engineering Council, and Xu Bo, Deputy Director of General Administration Office.