Water as Reigning Champion of Robot Contest of University Students in North China Five Provinces

By Sun, 06 Nov 2016 GMT

Beijing, 5th November, 2016 (BISTU)--- Opening of Robot Contest of University Students in North China Five Provinces witnesses Water ---BISTU’s robot football team--- as the reigning champion in Qinghe campus.   


Also included in middle size group are robot football teams like North China University of Technology and Beijing University of Engineering and Architecture. As previous champion of last contest, Water team produces a game full of wit and humor. Team members and the robot coordinate perfectly not only in friendly match with team of North China University of Technology but also in formal session of the final commencing at 1:30pm. In ten minutes after the game opening, Water scores a goal, followed by another goal shortly after. And the game is closed with 2:0 with Water being crowned the champion of middle size robot group.  


The strength and focus that all teams show attracts spectators of the game. Quite a few spectators stay watching the game from early morning till afternoon when the game is ended. Wang Xueyan, supervisor and team-leader of Water, says that Water has been fully prepared for the game. During the contest, former Water members are also present to enjoy the game. “The fine tradition of teaching-and-helping is carried on by Water. We are now a team of new players who enjoy more opportunities.” Says Wang Xueyan.  

Zheng Yong, team leader of North China University of Technology congratulates on Water’s winning. He expresses that BISTU Water team has been leading in the contests. It is hoped that the Team will further improve itself and win more medals for China in world competitions. It is an opportunity for his team to learn. And in the future, his university will continue to work hard on competence of the team and try to achieve better results in various competitions.  


Little spectators--- students from Yongtai Primary School and Qinghe Middle School --- are an attraction of the game. In between the matches, they practice training the robots. According to Wang Xueyan, Yongtai Primary School team members come to Qinghe campus almost every day to prepare for VEXIQ Asian Tournament commencing in December. And Qinghe Middle School team members are also trained on regular basis to prepare for Beijing Municipal Smart Robot Competition to be held in November.