Wang Yongsheng Attend Beijing Education Forum

By Sun, 06 Nov 2016 GMT

Beijing, 5th November, 2016 (BISTU)--- President Wang Yongsheng delivers a keynote speech í░Strategy and Thinking on Development of Universities with Industry Features under the Context of Dual First-Class University Constructioní▒ when being invited to the 3rd Beijing Education Forum sponsored by Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences. The forum is also attended by some provincial academy of educational sciences, higher educational institutions, research institutes, as well as scholars and experts of education and administration sectors.  


Based on BISTU reform practice, Wang Yongsheng explores strategy and thinking on development of universities with industry features under the context of dual first-class university construction. He points out that universities with industry features are capable of breaking identity barriers and enjoying equal opportunity of development. With guideline of performance-led, differentiated development, there is huge potential for them. Facing with opportunities, universities with industry features have to conduct top-level design and strategic thinking, be determined, pursue excellence, and target first-class objectives. It is necessary to seize opportunities, brave difficulties, and locate wherever breakthrough is possible. Also reform and innovation is requested together with quality construction and the courage to overcome reform-related problems.  


Beijing Education Forum, sponsored by Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences, is an annual academic forum based in Beijing and covering global educational issues. It is aimed at offering in-depth exploration on theoretical and practical issues of education development so as to provide abundant, powerful theoretical support and decision-making consultancy with national and regional educational reform and development. It is a high-end exchange and communication platform in education circle which promotes educational theory development and educational reform. The Forum also invites a number of national-famous educational experts, scholars, and head of governmental public sectors. BISTU is invited to attend and deliver keynote speech for the very first time this year.