BISTU Robot Teams Shine Among Global Peers

By Mon, 31 Oct 2016 GMT

On World Robot Conference (WRC) 2016, recently held in Yizhuang of Beijing, BISTU robot teams, including School of Automation, Municipal Key Lab of High Dynamic Navigation, School of Computer Science, Electromechanical Experiment and Training Center, and project teams supported by BISTU like Qinghe Middle School, Yongtai Primary School, achieve excellent performance and win extensive coverage of social media.  


In section for RoboCup@Home, Sun@Home, a service robot team supervised by Zhang Qizhi of School of Automation wins the silver medal. The section adopts rules of 2016 international competition for RoboCup@Home, which means robots are observed and tested in eight different aspects. BISTU team and University of Science and Technology of China team respectively win 4 gold medals for single sections. A pity that BISTU team loses points in two sections related to voice recognition and finally wins the silver medal.  




International Competition of Underwater Robot 2016, one of the six major events of WRC and hosted by International League of Underwater Robot, attracts over 500 teams from 129 universities. Municipal Key Lab of High Dynamic Navigation team, supervised by Su Zhong, Li Qing, Fan Junfang, and Liu Ning, wins a silver medal, two Second-class awards, and three third-class awards with their outstanding performance in global vision section, autonomous vision, and engineering vision. And Su Zhong, Li Qing and Fan Junfang are also awarded Supervisors of Excellence. Underwater Spirit team of School of Computer Science wins a silver medal in engineering project section. Water Spirit team of Electromechanical Experiment and Training Center wins first-class award in ball-challenge group of global vision section.  


VEXIQ competition sees teams of Qinghe Middle School and Yongtai Primary School supervised by Wang Xueyan, Qiu Jinghong, Hao Nanhai, Yang Dongmei, Yan Lei, and Chen Chaoyi. With clear advantage, Qinghe Middle School is crowned in middle school group. Yongtai is listed No.5 of its group. In addition, Water Team Primary School Branch, also supervised by BISTU faculties, wins championship of primary group with a score as high as 91 point.  

BISTU teams are extensively reported by Beijing Daily and Beijing Youth Daily. Portals like Xinhua News, Sohu, and Netease reprint the reports.  

The 2016 WRC covers six top, world class robot competitions, i.e., unmanned driving, UAV, underwater robot, robot stars, RoboCup, and Robocom. Centered on Win-win collaborative innovation toward the building of an intelligent society, the Conference gathers around 150 robot enterprises of the world.